All the work while crying

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I feel like I should first put a disclosure that anything I write here are purely my own views. You are more than welcome to disagree with what I have to say. Whether it be a little bit or a lot.

‘All the work while crying’ is a phrase that first cropped up first for me when a meme was shared in my final year university class. I think the majority of people don’t understand quite how stressful meeting a deadline can be, and for a lot of vocational studies the workload includes both a huge chunk of practical and written work. And on top of that you are battling with these strange adult things you haven’t had to do before. Cooking dinner? Fine, but if you hadn’t had chance to buy any food to actually cook with, then it was another night of (own brand) Special K and conspicuous left-overs. Laundry? No problem, but if you wanted to wear your favourite undies the next day hand washing them in the bath and praying they would dry quickly was the only option. To then go and have to draw a line up of 250 mythological characters to later get critiqued and torn into in front of an audience, makes the crying/work thing totally reasonable.

My tutor used to carry around a heart shaped handbag filled with the essentials. A main handbag ingredient  was makeup wipes. Makeup wipes for all the times we would inevitably break down and burst into tears. At the time she first told us we all laughed that this would ever happen to us. But it happened. Some cried heaps, some cried a tiny bit, and I cried, well I didn’t cry. I don’t want this to come across as a heartless thing, trust me I do cry. But I reserve my tears for ultra romantic/tragic movies (See the Fault in Our Stars/ My Sister’s Keeper), and of course for the other serious crying reasons people have.  In regards to most other things, I giggle. Maybe it’s a defence mechanism.

My work, where it has lead me, and where I hope (plan) for it to lead me isn’t something I intend to shed tears over. I fully accept that as a young person not everyone is going to like and appreciate my work, and people may even slant it. Also, by the time I am 60 I hope to be 60 times greater and improved than I am now. I am a work in progress. When an article was published in the Daily Mail online about my latest news, I was thrilled. I hadn’t been asked or even interviewed by them, so it came as an utter shock. Now the comments section can be a pretty cruel place, and I had my fair share of ‘looks like a student made that’ and ‘HBC’s was nice, shame about the rest, shows a student made them’. I could’ve cried, but I giggled instead.

The images they had used had been made by a student, they were bang on. I am dead chuffed that my second year work made it onto such a popular news site. No one was going to pee on my parade that easily.

Doing all the work while crying isn’t something that helps me, life is far more fun when you giggle. Maybe in a year or two I will look back on this with hindsight and feel ashamed by my naivety, but for now I think I’ll just laugh… ❤

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