Beach Body Realness

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If you are anything like me, you will find that your Instagram feed is currently filled with babes getting ready for summer. Lots of images of older women, and fatter women embracing what they have and saying ‘F this I’m wearing a bikini because I want to’. I haven’t however seen many bodies like mine: bruised, with tube, and dimpled from insulin deposits.

I’m sat here writing this, thinking about how I really need to pack for my holiday. I will be packing bikinis.

I’ve grown up with friends and acquaintances constantly obsessed with their bodies and the idea of being ‘beach body ready’.  Already slim women attending slimming world, detoxing with pyramid schemes to get thin in a week before they fly, stressing over the amount of calories in the meal they are about to eat. I don’t judge them, I just feel sorry for them.

I wish I had your body.

I wish my only concern was how my body looked.

As I’m writing this, I am waiting for drs results about a nasty pain in my abdomen (likely a bladder infection/stones) that developed after having a virus that put me in bed for three days. I am finding out all of the paperwork I need to get through security, and phoning up to chase the prescriptions I need to stay alive. I am worried that a course of antibiotics will wipe me out, mean I can’t drink on holiday, and give me thrush. Antibiotics always give me thrush.  Yay.

My life is not the worst by any means, but sometimes it feels like my body is failing me in every way. Now is one of those times.

As a strong, determined, and, pretty ambitious lady, nothing is more frustrating than feeling as though my own body is holding me back.

So instead of counting the lumps of cellulite on my legs, and squeezing my chubby arms, I will be grateful that I have the use of them.

We don’t all start off on a level playing field, and life isn’t fair.

So just remember that you are already beach body ready.

You really can wear a bikini at every stage of your journey


I call this photo: ‘T1 Diabetic Belly Realness’