Brighton photographs revealed (and the importance of female friendships)

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Today is the day our images from Brighton go live. The images show a collaboration between some really fantastic people in the industry, and something that I was very proud to be a part of. I would love your feedback!

This leads me nicely onto what I want this blog post to be about. Yes it is primarily the unveiling of these new images, but I want to talk about the importance of female friendships. This is in no way discrediting male friendships, a great deal of my friends do happen to be male. I’m lucky in the way that I have an awesome group of friends that are far more like family to me. But there is something different and special about female friendships.

I met Georgina (Ruby Wedding Design) a little over a year ago and knew that we would click. Georgina is someone I can put the worlds to rights with, over a cocktail or two. Amy, the model on the shoot happens to be my best friend. I met her at college and our friendship has outlasted any relationship either of us has had. She has seen every side to me that is possible.

Female friendships are so valid and necessary because sometimes we need someone to relate, and be straight talking with us, someone who can speak from experience. That feeling you get at the end of the day when you whip your bra off, the fear of a late period, and the disappointment when you don’t get that text back. We need that encouragement when we are told that being a competitive woman is unattractive and bossy. We live in a world where being a strong and powerful woman is still not all that encouraged; having female friends reminds us that in order to succeed we need to build each other up. We need to be each others support team.

I don’t often just work with an all-female team, in fact our hair stylist for the day was one of the best I have worked with. Being so alert and helpful on the shoot, he was a true gent. I would absolutely love to work with him again. (You can have a browse through his work here.) Our photographer Stevie-Ella was fantastic, working with her again in the future would be a joy. Each shot was so considered. And, if you need a flower crown like the one shown in the shoot (because why not?!) then Hunter Florist in Brighton are the ones to check out.

So this isn’t an anti-male rant, it’s just a little reminder to show some love for your ladies. And your men. Heck, show some love for everyone! And, enjoy the new pictures while you’re at it, showcasing pieces from my ever-developing ‘Wanderlust Collection’ ♥