But first, lemme take a selfie

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I wanted to take a moment to write about the importance of a professional modelling portfolio and why if you want to be a model it is absolutely vital you have this.

I am over-the-moon flattered when girls (and guys) get in touch wanting to model my garments for me at my shoots. It says a lot to me that you guys want to represent me, and for that I am truly chuffed. It always blows my mind a little bit when people offer to travel great distances for an often unpaid job.

When I put out a model casting a month or so ago I received over 50 messages and emails. The range of content I received was huge. Professional images taken in studios to body-shots from webcams all trickled into my inbox. Which leads me on to this: let’s talk about selfies.

I take a great selfie. I really do. When I can see myself and have a million chances at getting that angle and that lighting look right I think I look pretty good. And that’s the point of selfies, right? Gotta love ‘em. I am not slating selfies one bit.

Selfies are however not professional pictures. They also don’t represent how you will look when you are being photographed. I am the first person to admit that the idea of having a non-selfie picture taken makes me feel nervous. I stand like a potato. I can never work out how to get my body and face looking good at the same time. Something about me is permanently awkward, which pains me because I feel I should be so elegant and graceful, but I’m just not. I need lessons on how to stand, and heaven forbid I do ever model I would need heaps of direction, which photographers on professional shoots just don’t have the time for. I have been ‘spotted’ a couple of times in the street to model and I’ve always had to tell them sorry, that job just ain’t for me.

Modelling is a job, and building up a professional portfolio is imperative even if it means taking on heaps of free work first to get your name out there. It’s the same with pretty much every job in this industry. The amount of free work I took on to prove myself as a designer and to build up my portfolio of internships amounts to literally thousands of hours. It gives credibility. It also gives experience.

So if you still want to be a model and think it’s the job for you just know that it’s not an easy day out, or makeover boudoir shoot. There is little pampering (although I always provide a brilliant picnic!) and the work is long and cold and you need the patience of a saint. If you do still want to pursue this  then get in touch and provide me with professional images, links to your website/social media, your location and your measurements…

But please, no selfies. ♥

P.S. Whether you are ‘model material’ or not (I’m not), you are still totally and utterly beautiful just the way you are. Change nothing.

P.P.S. Keep an eye-out for any model-castings I may post and remember that Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture offer a hire and rental service of garments so you can have your own portfolio-building photo shoot (or just feel like queen for the day) Just get in touch.