Can’t touch this

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I hope you have that song in your head now. I do.

The first time I uploaded an image of myself onto Instagram I felt so torn as to whether I should be including that kind of content on a ‘business’ account. I had this idea in my head that striving to be a designer label meant a cold sense of ambiguity. I had the idea that I was creating some kind of mysterious illusion of this secret design woman who makes things which appear in magazines and on catwalks but you never get to see her face. But let’s face it, Sia beat me to it.

Ordering a couture piece, wedding dress or event ensemble has a huge emotional connection to it. It’s not just a piece of clothing and therefore you shouldn’t just expect an aloof and mysterious service. It occurred to me that keeping myself totally private made no sense at all. Having a face to a name really does help.

I love people. I love meeting and chatting through design ideas with clients and individuals and being able to listen and interact with people in what I like to call a ‘proper way’; and I would always rather be dressing my models backstage than sitting in the audience hidden behind sunglasses and wearing all black. No matter how big my label grows, it is absolutely vital to me that it has a heart. This means people come first. Another reason why I keep manufacturing in the UK.

So you might see the occasional picture of me with my friends, you can read my personal opinions on different things, and when you come to order your Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture piece we can have an in-person consultation.

You can also touch this.

(Ts&Cs apply)