Days where I feel like a slug

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Sometimes I wake up and feel like a slug.

Getting out of bed seems an impossible task, particularly in the winter.

It’s dark outside, the dog cuddles into me tighter, we have flannelette bed covers (how old are we?!) and the list of work I have to do for the day feels overwhelming. Not all days, but some days.

As a self employed lady I get this ‘not-working-constantly-guilt’. When I take a holiday, have a sick day; meet a friend for coffee on a random Tuesday morning: I feel guilty. I should be working harder, growing the business further. Some days I feel on top of the world, sometimes I feel underneath it. Some days I forget that actually I am just human.

When days are really dark I have one piece of advice. Don’t try and make it better. Accept and embrace that there will be days like this. Understand that you have so far survived 100% of your bad days.

On the dark days I make sure I drink enough water, occasionally listen to this song, relax, wear comfortable clothing, and put away my mobile phone. These days don’t frequent me often, maybe only twice a year. I greet them, accept them, and honour them.

For self care on other days here are some tips I recommend:

  • Dress up! For me I find red lipstick, a pretty dress and mohair cardigan instantly lifts me. This doesn’t work for everyone, but this is my personal list after all.
  • Eat nourishing food. This doesn’t mean clean eating, or low carbs. It means food that makes your body and soul happy. I find mash potato with cheese and baked beans served in my favourite bowl normally does the trick.
  • Take the dog for a walk, pet the cat, anything nurturing involving an animal always helps me. Animals love you unconditionally. If you don’t have one, I couldn’t recommend one enough.
  • Stay warm. I know for a scientific fact that having cold feet makes me angry. Wear fluffy bed socks.
  • If you need an early night then embrace that. Leave your phone in another room, turn it off, and totally mute it. Just get rid of the background noise.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you will be surprised where you find it.
  • Have some human contact , a hug literally releases hormones that make you feel better
  • Stop beating yourself up, you are marvellous and you are doing your best.


In a fast paced filtered world we forget that everyone has struggles, so be kind. Always.


This includes being kind to yourself