FAQs: Rosie Red Every Day Corsets

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Rosie Red Every Day Corset FAQs


How much are they?

My RRED corsets are £300, but I will be doing a Black Friday offer this week!

Why are they called ‘every day’ corsets?

I developed this pattern to create a curvy and comfortable shape,  to be worn as lingerie to create a silhouette for every day wear. Easy to get on, and easy to wear. I simply mean you don’t have to have a special occasion to treat yourself and feel great!

Do you only make them in black?

I offer a whole selection of colours for both the corset and binding, all you need to do is ask if you want something other than traditional black. That said, my promotions are very specific, so watch out to see the colour I am offering on them!

What are they made from?

My corsets are made from a single layer of coutil. Coutil is a natural and tightly woven fabric used specially for corsetry. It withstands high pressure, and allows the skin to breathe; perfect for my corsets!

Do they have bones or contain metal?

Yes! My corsets contain metal bones made from steel. This helps to create the strong structure which gives the silhouette.

How to they fasten?

My every day corsets fasten with a busk at the front, and eyelets and ribbon at the back. A busk is a very strong metal clasp which hooks easily at the front. The eyelets at the back are laced with double satin ribbon.

Am I too fat for a corset?

No! Whether you have a 16” waist or a 76” waist, it makes no difference to the price or whether you can order from me. There is no body shame here.

Is my body too much of an odd shape to wear a corset?

Firstly I will ask you what you mean by ‘odd’. You won’t be too oddly shaped for a corset, but you may need to go bespoke. There is a corset for everyone, but if your body is asymmetric you may need to opt for a bespoke corset with fittings.

Will it make me thinner?

My corsets will make your waist narrower whilst you wear it, but they won’t cause you to lose weight or become thinner. The corset will give the look of a much thinner waist, which is often what is desired.

Will the corset be comfortable?

Wearing a corset isn’t like wearing pyjamas! But, wearing a corset shouldn’t be uncomfortable; I always compare them to wearing high heels. They shouldn’t be uncomfortable, but they could take a little getting used to.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes I do. If you live outside of the UK postage will be slightly more expensive and you may incur customs charges. Just let me know where you are based, and I can let you know your unique postage cost.

Which measurements do you need?

To create your corset I need 3 measurements. Your underbust/waist (the narrowest part of your torso), the widest part of your hips, and the length you would like the corset to be (measured from your underbust to hips). This is normally 8”-15”, depending on your height.

How do I take my measurements?

I have created a simple video  to show you how to take your measurements. It is a simple and quick job to do so long as you have a tape measure. Just pop over to my facebook page to see it.

Will it cover my ‘tummy pooch’?

The corset should be long enough to cover your tummy, depending on your size and the measurements you have given me. George from FullerFigure FullerBust swears by ‘pulling her tummy’ up into the corset. Sometimes a good option is to wear ‘hold in’ pants over the corset to flatten your whole shape.

Is this a bespoke corset?

This is a made-to-measure corset, rather than a bespoke corset. I use a pattern I have perfected the shape of, and alter this to fit your measurements. There are no fittings included in the cost of my made to measure underbust, which there are for my bespoke corsets.

How long does it take to complete?

This is totally dependent on my work schedule. Usually 4-6 weeks. If you have a deadline or event it is needed for I can often create the corset quicker for you, just ask.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. As soon as you place the order a £50 deposit needs to be paid before your corset can be started.

Can I pay on a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay on a payment plan. I like to think my corsets can be more accessible to more people this way. The most popular way to pay is £50 deposit, £150 first payment, £100 final payment. So long as we agree on the payment plan, most things can be possible. The corset won’t be sent out until the total payment has been paid.

Which forms of payment can do you take?

I can take direct bank transfer, Paypal, or Stripe (through my website).

Can I return my corset if I don’t like it?

Simply put, no. If you just don’t like your corset (and I have never had any complaints yet!) then it wont be returnable. If there is anything wrong or faulty with your corset then please do let me know and I will sort this immediately for you. Great customer service is something I really pride myself on.

How do I clean my corset?

For ‘big cleans’ I recommend dry cleaning. Please don’t ever try and put your corset in the washing machine! For in between cleans, gently with a sponge and hand wash soap then let to air dry. To spruce in-between make up a bottle of 50% vodka and 50% water and spray. Allow to dry naturally.

How do I store my corset?

Your corset will be sent to you in a box, which you can keep it in, but this one is really down to personal choice! I keep mine in my underwear drawer.

Will you do any more offers in the future?

The black Friday offer is coming up very, very soon, but there will be more offers in the future. They will be different, but there will be more to come! Why not build up your collection?

Any further questions? Send them here!

Also did you know that I have made a 2018 calendar? It’s is available to buy here!