First Date Plans

 In Artist

I had a date. I knew next to no details other than she ‘loved my work’. This woman I had always admired had actually looked at my work, had a conversation about it and held one of my look-books. How was this happening?

I remember the first time I ever became really aware of her. I was a young teen who was trying to develop my own identity and sense of style. My mum used to save me cut-outs of magazines and newspapers, anything that might interest me. There was one in particular that hugely inspired me. As a memory , I believed that the article was a red carpet review type thing, but when I went back to try and find the article, I realised that it was actually more of a ‘what not to wear’ look. These incredible shoes with a pogo stick spring type heel. I was captivated. This was a woman I would want to dress. There’s something so utterly refreshing about authentic originality. I love people (and things) that are interesting to look at.

This date meant I was going to be having an audience with someone directly connected with the lady in question, I had to take full advantage of this opportunity. I spent the next two weeks tirelessly creating two gowns with corsets. Looking at photographs to get an idea of sizing and just thinking ‘please please let this fit’. 4.30am wake-ups to get cracking before the rest of the world had woken up, and hermit-ing myself away seemed to be the only way I would possibly get all of it done.  

I was getting nervous. Nervous that this was a once in a lifetime kind of chance, the most surreal opportunity that had ever presented itself to me. I so didn’t want to mess this up. I don’t think I could have lived with having to tell people that I had this fantastic platform, but I missed my chance, screwed it up. There was no time for all of this worrying, a proactive attitude was the only way forward.

And then my meeting was cancelled…


Close up detail shot of one of the corsets specially created for my meeting…