Going to the moon

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Bear with me for this one…

Imagine you have always wanted to go to the moon. As a child you wrapped a funnel in tinfoil and put it on your head pretending to be a spaceship, you grew up drawing stars on your bedroom wall and reading every book you could on the moon and stars. Your main goal was to get to the moon. If you told people they would chuckle and say ‘oh wow, yeah maybe one day’, others would be straight up doubters claiming it an absolute impossibility, and tell you to dream smaller. Then there would be a very select few with this absolute belief that if someone was going to go to the moon: it was gonna be you!

You went and studied physics and aerospace technology, worked to your maximum capacity and then worked some more. Then one day you get the call: you are going to the moon! The preparations are shaping up and as you prepare for lift off, you cant quite believe this moment is happening, There are plenty of other wonderful aerospace technologists out there, how come you’ve got this opportunity? You are going to the moon! You! 

When you get to the moon, wow, it’s just incredible. The moon is everything you could’ve hoped for and more. People are going to want to hear all about this, and you’re still in total shock that it’s happened to you. It’s all just fabulous.

And then you get back to Earth. This weird feeling sweeps over you. How are you ever going to live up to this again? People are going to expect more from you, more importantly, you’re going to expect more from you. This opportunity has to be built on and not squandered. But what on earth (pun intended) are you going to do next?


When I returned from Meeting HBC and her fabulous PA, this was the feeling I had. I hadn’t expected that at 22 I would already have achieved one of my big dream goals. I had dressed Helena Bonham Carter, but what was next? I certainly hadn’t expected to have this odd self-pressure feeling either. I needed to built on this experience. Then, without any confirmation from Vanity Fair that the outfit would be featured at all, I set about making my first full, self-funded, collection.

I guess it’s time to explore the whole galaxy now…❤