‘Great things never came from comfort zones’

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I think that we are all faced with uncomfortable situations every day. I’m just using the term uncomfortable to describe anything a bit out of our ordinary ‘norm’ or something that makes us feel nervous or unsure.

I have just had the great pleasure of dressing the absolutely gorgeous Hege Aurelie Badendyck, Editor-in-Chief of Costume Magazine, Norway’s leading fashion mag. The shoot was a collaborative piece for a new exciting company Prefall that will be launched soon. As part of the Prefall website (an online platform to sell vintage and pre-worn clothing and accessories) there is going to be a feature editorial style piece on Hege, and my clothing was seen and chosen to be worn as part of the shoot. But this was an opportunity to really push myself out of my comfort zone.

I went absolutely voluntarily, I could’ve easily declined, couriered my garments out there with a covering letter of ‘how to wear’. I made the conscious decision that this was an opportunity I had to make the most  of. Although it was ‘work’ related, I actually haven’t had a holiday for what feels like forever, so it made sense that I should take this as an opportunity to do some sightseeing and have a break away. It also meant I had the opportunity to spend some proper time with my gorgeous Norwegian cousin. Our family has always been a bit all over the world, so this was such a lovely opportunity. She is the ultimate cooler older cousin, and from the rapper boyfriend she had as a teen (as a child I was convinced he was Norway’s version of Eminem) to the fact her wedding cake topper was Hello Kitty and a Ninja turtle, I knew it would be such a great time to get to know someone better that I has always looked up to so much.

So these were my uncomfortable things:

1.  I have never flown on my own

Doing new things can be frightening. Not only had I not flown for over 5 years, I had never flown alone. What if I couldn’t get through airport security? What if I lost my passport, my permission to carry sharps and was arrested and and and. Nope. Instead I enjoyed people watching, buying duty free gin and catching up on some reading. Being on my own was surprisingly peaceful. It also made me realise that I don’t need to be dependent on someone. Lightbulb moment.

2. Going to a country where I speak none of the language

So people do this all the time, but I think I am one of these people who like to be in control. Not knowing the language of a country can instantly make you feel vulnerable. What are these people saying? How will I communicate? Well it’s not surprising that as with most European countries, English is taught in schools so is also pretty widely spoken. Reading signs was often quite alright as the occasional word has similarities, but some of the pronunciation of the words did baffle me. I did however have a great sense of pride when I managed to have a day solo-sightseeing that involved working out the tube system.

3. Getting lost

I am not one of these people that have a built in compass. In fact I am pretty guaranteed to get lost anywhere. I like to think when I am travelling with someone that they are the directions person and I am the company. Not entirely fair is it? It did however make me realise that I am actually rather observant and good at following signs. I got around no problem.

4. Shoot day

Any shoot can be pretty nerve-racking, but normally in the most exciting way possible. In fairness, this was no different. When the day began I felt nervous, which isn’t a feeling I get too often and I think I put it down to the fact that everyone was obviously chatting away in a language I had no grasp of. As the day went on though it was clear that everything was going brilliantly, and speaking to the whole team was brilliant and insightful. I think Having Helena Bonham Carter on your business cards is a pretty good talking point as well. There will certainly be more news to follow…

I can whole heartily say that I have had a brilliant weekend. On this year’s ‘list’ I wrote that I want to travel, among with many other goals. Another pretty big one was to push my comfort zone even further. Networking in person is such a valuable tool, and I cannot wait to receive the images. On a personal level I came back feeling indestructible, this really is just the beginning…

Last week I received a couple of really exciting emails, but less on that for the meantime. Although I can say that I have just agreed to be a ‘Spotlight Speaker’ at event later this year.

Speaking in front of over a hundred people. Comfort zone: well and truly shattered. Lemme at it! ❤

 Top: Innovative styling Middle: Polaroid of me, courtesy of Prefall Bottom: Collaborative work    Top: Innovative styling Middle: Polaroid of me, courtesy of Prefall Bottom: Collaborative work