How to get rid of a chubby face

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This is genuinely a Google search I have done. More than once.

I have a chubby face. It’s not up for debate it’s just one of those facts. Lots of people have chubby faces; I know I’m not alone. Sure I can have a nice photograph, take a flattering selfie and I do have what I consider to be pretty great cheekbones. But I do also have a chubby face.

Rather than wanting a flat and toned belly for summer or for my thighs to be less thunderous I have always just wanted a slimmer face. I have heaps of back stage photos taken at shows and events, normally when I am unaware and caught between laughing and pulling a look of deep concentration. I feel total dread when I receive notifications the next day telling me I have been tagged in photographs that I didn’t even realise were being taken. And I always have at least 3 extra chins I didn’t realise I had. But we all take a bad photo on occasion, and I know that.

The thing I always felt to be the most unjust was the fact that large amounts of models and women with far larger bodies than me that so often have these sculpted thin faces. It always seemed so unfair that I put weight on my face first. But I suppose we use Photoshop a great deal these days…

However, in my search I have 2 bits of advice for you that will help to get rid of a chubby face:

1.       This piece of advice comes from my best friend, who happens to be a personal trainer. She told me this when I phoned her up the morning after a show in which heaps of images I detested turned up online. She said that I had two options: I could either lose weight (which would likely go off of all my body first, face last because that’s the way the cruel world works) or I could accept that this was my face and that bad pictures happen to us all and even if I thought I sometimes looked like a hamster, I was in fact beautiful. Inside and out. Most importantly, inside.

2.       You can realise that the way you see yourself from time to time is not the way others see you.

I had wasted time, energy and emotions on fretting over a tiny part of my appearance when actually there wasn’t anything worth worrying about. I am so much more than my occasionally chubby face. I am kind, I am intelligent and I am compassionate (and pretty darn hilarious too). And the same goes for all of you, our appearance is a small part of who we are: not the full picture.

So, how do you get rid of a chubby face? Or flatten your belly, or build rock hard abs or get slimmer arms (the list goes on)… Well you can make a change physically, sure, but until you realise that mentally you’re already where you need to be and that you’re already valued it’s going to be a long hard slog for nothing…

And sometimes I am allowed be a diva when I’m working and holla ‘NO PICTURES PLEASE’. After all, I never play the diva card, so I think I’ve earned it… 

I spent my weekend in a photo-booth at a summer ball