If you want to do ‘the modelling thing’

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This blog post has come about because of several things. Firstly the main catalyst has been my dear lovely friend George (FFFB) blogging all about how she became a model. I want to create a concise list of tips and pointers for you if you want to become a model for me. Some of them will also be relevant for other designers too. There are some very important points to consider. Firstly, Taking a great selfie does not make you model material. Being a model is all about endurance, ability to pose and how photogenic you are. You might be the most gorgeous lady or guy in the world, but you could still be terrible at modelling. The days are really long on shoots. Sometimes cold, sometimes too hot and sometimes wearing garments you don’t like. And, before I start my list of tips and tricks I do want to say that the amounts of shoots I have a year (which are my own) are very limited.

I adore how many of you say you would love to wear my pieces which are why I offer a rental service. All of my garments are available to hire, and depending on where you are based, I can even attend the shoot to help dress you. You can get in touch here to chat to me about it further.

So here are my tips for becoming a model:

  • Work on your endurance and stamina. I use a wide range of models with different body types, but the main theme is that they all have stamina. Can you be on your feet for a 9 hour day?
  •  PMA! Positive mental attitude on a shoot is one of the most important things. In fact I can’t stress this enough. Working intensely with a group of people means that everyone needs to function as a group. The day feels extra long if someone is bringing down the mood.
  • Modelling is primarily about how you look. Despite the fact I try to use models whose views sit closely with mine (if you’re not body positive or into self love we are going to have a difficult time) it really does come down to how you look and if I feel your images sits comfortably with the brand.
  • This leads us onto the fact that you really have to look like yourself and embrace this! Don’t try to look like another model I have used already. I had someone the other day say she looked like George. Well, that’s great, but I don’t need 2 Georges. Nor does anyone… 😉
  •  Do get in touch, but get in touch with all of your statistics! Make sure you include your location, your current measurements and a portfolio of images. Also, let me know if you can drive. Shoot locations are often all over and way out in the countryside, so driving is a useful skill to have!
  • When you send through images, please make sure that there is a selection of photographs. Ideally images wearing tight fitting clothing and with minimal makeup. This just gives a good idea of you as a blank canvas.
  •  Leading on from that point, boudoir images are fabulous and stunning, but please don’t only have these in your portfolio. Although my images often get retouched and I am not opposed to Photoshop when it is used creatively, just including boudoir images doesn’t show the complete picture.

I always post model castings on my social media platforms if I am looking for fresh faces. I do also keep a file of ladies and gents who have been in touch if they get in touch with all of the information I have listed above.

But remember, if for whatever reason modelling is not for you, it does not mean that you are not beautiful just as you are. Because you are ♥