In which I tell you about ‘The Leisure Princess’

 In Artist

This title definitely does not refer to me, but I do quite like the idea of that as a title…

The Leisure Princess actually refers to something I have recently purchased, something which is a really exciting part of my business plan. More specifically I think it refers to the oven on board, but I really love the name. It’s a big project and I am really planning to get my teeth into it, perfect for summer and with the benefit that I have heaps of friends who all want to help. Or so they have said!

Vintage fashion and trinkets are my favourites and massively influential to me, one of my huge personal loves. Often my design work gives a nod to this, and it certainly is one of the reasons I got into corsetry: the ‘starlet’ silhouette. A way to make my 50’s style dresses look even more dramatic and authentic. But the purchase I have just made is slightly larger, but still very retro, and I promise it is all part of my business plan…

I want a unique niche space that I can use as a fitting and consulting room, a place my clients can visit that encapsulates my brand and gives a personal experience whether it is for bridal couture or event gowns. A really beautiful and special space. I recently met such an inspiring lady who runs a hair and beauty business based from ‘Glenda‘. Our meeting really felt like fate, and encouraged me even more. She even guessed correctly that like her, I am a Leo.

In my head I have the idea of wearing denim dungarees and a headscarf to do all of the painting and wall-papering, and I plan to share little updates and snippets on my social media to give you all an idea of how it’s all coming along.

So I can now say that I have just bought my very own retro caravan to refurb. I may not have a driving license yet, but I’ve always been one to run before I can walk. Sometimes you have to jump into the deep end…❤