It will be out soon…

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This was by far the most surreal moment I think I have ever experienced. They say that you shouldn’t  ever meet you ‘idol’, don’t they? Well here she was offering me a cup of coffee and keen to see all the bits I had brought with me.

She could’ve been a total diva, killed all love I had had for her, but she wasn’t. She was the kind of person you want to go to parties with and only ever wear your clothes again. Not only this, but she was the most encouraging woman. It feels bizarre to even be sharing this story, as if I cant believe it really took place. Some of the details will just be little memory pearls I keep to myself. Privacy is so hard to come by these days. I hadn’t known the reason she wanted to see my work, or that I would even meet the lady herself, but it was all unfolding. Nearly a year out of university, less than a month out of working in a warehouse, and here I was.

She had a photo shoot coming up, and asked if I would let her take my garments with her, she thought they would be perfect. And they fitted! She was standing in front of me, wearing my creations and twirling up and down the staircase to see the way they moved. Of course she could take my things, the answer was obviously yes. I was over the moon. That feeling you get when every single part of your being feels totally glowing. How was any experience going to live up to this again?

Then I found out which publication it was for and who would be shooting it. The question was would they like it? Would they shoot it? And could this be the catalyst for far bigger things to come…

The magazine comes out incredibly soon, and then my secret is out and I cannot wait to shout about it from the rooftops ❤