It’s getting hot in here (so hot) let’s take off all your clothes

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Hello, it’s hot!

Its getting hot in here (so hot) so take of all your clothes. I am getting so hot; I wanna take my clothes off.

Isn’t it though? I mean I’m not one to complain, but it is sweltering. I am also not one to often take to twitter, but I recently tweeted a thing that has had more likes and retweets of anything I have ever posted on there. Maybe that’s because it resonated with so many people.

The tweet read: Warning: it’s hot out. Expect people of all body shapes and types to be wearing whatever they want to keep cool. You don’t need to stare ♥”

It says what’s on the tin really. It is hot, and when it’s hot people wear less. Your body is still not any more of anyone’s business in the heat of summer, as it was when you were covered up in layers of knitwear during winter. Having a body means dressing it how you please.

I have many very slim and thin female friends who still won’t show their arms. And I understand that people have hang-ups, but don’t most of us have hang ups because of the way we have been treated in the past. Hating a part of your body is ‘nurture’ rather than ‘nature’. Nature says ‘crikey it’s bloody boiling, get those arms out’, nurture says ‘you remember that time someone made a joke about bingo wings, best keep them hidden.’ I find it sad, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish. When I feel in self doubt about an area of my body I try and praise it. My thighs have always met; I have never had a thigh gap. From a size 10 to a size 16, they have always met. Instead of focusing on the way they rub together or the cellulite they feature, I praise them for how many miles they have carried me. I run, I swim, I walk. They have never failed me, and because one day they might, I am sure as hell not going to take them for granted now, or view them as purely aesthetic things.

Rushing around for the tube the other day, I realised that I was sweating. I could feel actual beads of sweat pooling underneath my bra wire. The woman walking in front of me, far larger than I am was obviously finding it difficult to manage. She was clothed head to toe in long sleeves and long trousers, and I just wanted to say to her that I hoped she had woken up and dressed for her this morning and not someone else. If she had had her legs and arms on show this wouldn’t have offended me, does her being fat take away that right? Is comfort and coolness only saved for the thin? I certainly don’t think it should be.

We don’t owe anyone anything. Dress for yourself, your body, and your comfort. There will always be someone who has a problem with how you are looking. Too much cleavage on show and you’re suddenly a ‘slag’, short shorts with skinny legs and you ‘need a burger’, overweight and in a crop top ‘ahhhh you’re hurting my eyes.’ So let’s just not shall we.

Summer is made for chilling out, being with friends, and letting us enjoy the weather. Don’t let some judgemental stranger make you feel in any way inadequate, or ruin this for you.

I’m off now, time to get the bikini on! ♥

Enjoying that summer sun! ♥ Enjoying that summer sun! ♥