Just Add Bunny

 In Artist

I am so blessed. Blessed that I know and have the chance to work with some incredibly talented and ambitious people. I feel that I have this awesome support group of people around me, and we all want each other to thrive to their full potential. Basically, its lovely.

When I was thinking about web designers I wanted to use, it was vital for me to work with people who would understand me, my brand and my personal style; and also people who wanted to work with me, and allow me to have my own creative input.

It took me a little while to consider the whole head shot issue for the ‘about me’ section on websites. I definitely wanted to have something to show ‘me’, but felt like a selfie or just a picture of my face all ‘bio’ style could be a bit cringe. I also quite liked the ambiguity of not have a photograph. Another key point was that I see my work, and my website, as telling a story that you can follow. What better way would there be than to have a piece of artwork.

Laura from Just Add Bunny was totally superb. I think it helped a huge amount that so many of our interests overlap, I knew that she would be the person who could do this for me. Laura’s work can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/justaddbunnyillustration and it might not take you long to guess the style we were aiming for. Her pin-up drawings are just spectacular, and as we share a big love for them, it seemed like the perfect direction to go in. Call it vain, but I just thought having a cartoon-ised version of yourself would be the best thing ever!

I could not be more in love. Chris D’Mask (https://www.facebook.com/chris.dmask.artwork), another exceptionally talented guy, designed my logo, which she has skilfully worked into my hair style. All the little details have been totally considered, and in the process I sent over a zillion head shots for her to work on. I genuinely feel flattered! I am over the moon!

So I am presenting to you: Rosie Red, my pin-up cartoon alter ego! Go and check out  https://www.facebook.com/justaddbunnyillustration  immediately! ❤