Legs to shave

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Life right now is busy. So busy that on my to do list is ‘shave legs’. Also wash hair is on there. This is the glamour of fashion, and it’s not a complaint. Its just my current reality.

But this time last year mad things were happening. I was working myself silly to create my first ever collection‘Wild Roses’ which has done better than I ever could have imagined I often wish I had sent round a little ‘guest book’ type thing for all of their wearers to sign and date. I like to think of all the places they’ve been, and bodies they’ve hugged. They really have each had their own stories- if only they could speak!

This time last year I was sat on the biggest secret of my life: I had dressed Helena Bonham Carter and I had my confirmation that I would be featured in the September Issue of Vanity Fair. But my lips had to stay sealed. People were puzzled as to why I was getting a ‘collection’ together, had given up my full time contract working for Cancer Research (a stable sensible job) and cancelled my trip to America. From an outsiders point of view I was now an unemployed 22 year old making pretty dresses without a purpose. There were those that believed in me enough to realise I had a plan in place, but there were far more that gossiped and speculated.

This time last year I wrote a blog post all about the secret I was sat on, and people speculated further, knowing that something was about to be revealed. Now, coming up for a year on I have to remember not to be too hard on myself. I remind myself that these garments I am making are clothes, but that the way they can make someone feel can be really transformative. This has to have been the hardest journey I could’ve picked, but I’m excited to be sat on even more secrets.

Without being too sentimental or self indulgent, thank you so much for all of your support, for the encouragement and for the (slight) bits of negativity I have received: I wouldn’t be where I am without you. I’m always chuffed to know that even one person has read a blog post!

Now I must go, these legs wont shave themselves

The image (which was a full page!) used in Vanity Fair's September Issue. Shot by Mario Testino ❤

The image (which was a full page!) used in Vanity Fair’s September Issue. Shot by Mario Testino ❤