My Lists

 In Artist

Lists: I love them. This is where other people normally chime in and say they love lists too, I get it, list luvin’ is a real thing. I tend to sleep with a pencil and pad of paper under my pillow; just in case.

I keep lists to help me stay on track and set goals with my work, to reassure me that the project I am undertaking is totally feasible in the time I have, and to just in general stay on track and meet deadlines. But, there is also another reason…

I have a list dedicated for goals I hope to achieve. I have been making them for as long as I can remember. These are goals that I think most people wouldn’t even entertain. It is a list of big things: awards I want to win, people I admire and want to dress, publications I want my work to be in, and other additions as well (learning to scuba dive would be the greatest!)

So this is a blog of encouragement, it is me saying go for it, make those lists and think outside the box and impractically. Allow yourself to dream.

I have just started ticking off my list…❤