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“Danny proposed Christmas day 2017 and the design process started in my head soon after… though who am I kidding, I’d definitely thought about it before! Rosie asked me to sketch my ideas down, which was losely described as a ‘celestial Belle’ and from then on it was a whirlwind of swatches and sequins and toile (oh my!).

Rosie is a master, and worked tirelessly over hours and days and nights to fashion my ideas into reality, so that eventually, I was presented with the most beautiful thing… a thing I will never forget saying ‘I do’ in, and being kissed in, and dancing with my new husband in. A thing that was made by one of my most beautiful, talented, and best friends, and I will cherish it, and the memories, forever.

Thank you Rosie”

Real Brides


“You created a dress for me more beautiful than I could have imagined, the embroidered veil and hand painted lace detailing really do give it the Rosie Red touch! You are a truly kind, glorious gifted soul.

I enjoyed every second of the process from the moment I walked into your studio to the moment I collected my dress ready for the big day. I cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm of those sequins and giving me a little confidence boost each time we met on the road of creating it. The process of making this dress was one of my favorite parts of planning the wedding.

I will really miss our chats about cats and Ru Paul’s Drag Race! The dress is in my wardrobe safe for now, but I don’t think it will be long before it’s packed up and taken to all the festivals we can get tickets for! It’s to magnificent to only be worn for one day.”

Photography: Adam Bird Photography

Real Brides


“When my partner and I decided to have a Victorian Murder mystery wedding, I knew I wanted a dress that was just as fun as our wedding theme. I’d never pictured myself in the big white dress, and although I tried on a few, they really weren’t me. I went to the EWE with a goal of finding a dressmaker and that’s where I first found Rosie. I loved the combination of drama and fun in her designs. I arranged to Skype to have an initial discussion about my very jumbled up dress ideas and Rosie’s warmth, creative flair and down-to-earth attitude really shone through – following the initial call I basically told my husband that I really wanted Rosie to make my dress. I’m not always the most comfortable in my skin, I almost never wear dresses and truth be told, I felt like my dress didn’t just need to be beautiful – I needed it to feel like my protective armour. Throughout the whole dress process Rosie made me feel awesome – I felt comfortable at every fitting, I felt like the ‘only’ bride she was working with and most importantly I felt confident that I’d look like a ‘proper’ bride not someone playing dress up in an awkward tent. She was also way more supportive than if I’d gone to a bridal shop – being there to help me get dressed on the big day was fantastic. The day my original makeup artist cancelled out of the blue, she came back to me with a suggestion within minutes of me asking if she knew anyone – something that turned a minor panic moment into a ‘this is fine’ moment. Honestly, I felt that of all my suppliers, she went above and beyond on keeping in touch and keeping me calm in the build up to and on the actual wedding day. Then there’s the dress. It was so much better than I could have imagined – everything I wanted was captured including a wonderful embroidered version of my cat’s face capturing his favourite look of both love and disdain. The fabric, the fit, the colours everything about it felt luxury and I will treasure it always. She listened to everything I wanted and tied it all together splendidly. I really can’t recommend her highly enough. If I ever find myself in need of an out-of-this-world dress again, she will definitely be top of the list.”

Real Brides


“The wedding was INCREDIBLE, I can barely believe it even happened but it was such a beautiful day. The dress was gorgeous and made me feel amazing. I want to wear it every single day but it really made me feel like an absolute queen on my wedding day so thank you so so much. I can’t believe I originally wasn’t even bothered that much about the wedding dress because it ended up being one of the most spectacular pieces! I had so much fun with the dress AND the cloak. Walking through the woods in the cloak was everything I ever wanted it to be!

It’s such a joy knowing it’s been a joy for you! It feels like so much love and personality has been put into that dress which is so nice. Thank you so much, you are a dream!

Okay, I will stop gushing about the dress for now, but just one last time, THANK YOU! You are so incredible and everyone who came said how talented and amazing you are. I wholeheartedly agree with them. You were like my fairy godmother!”

Real Brides


“It’s been an absolute pleasure having you design my dress and I’m truly gutted that it’s over, I’d love to stay in touch with you as you’re literally the most loveliest person!

You made the whole process from beginning to end so effortless and so much fun, you made me feel a million dollars, you Missy are to thank for that feeling!

The comments I’ve had about my dress are out of this world, people that saw it in person were totally blown away by its beauty and I had people (who I don’t know) coming up to me at my mates 40th last week saying they had seen me in ‘The’ dress and they adored it! I felt like a mini celebrity! Haha!

You made my dreams come true Rosie, I am in awe of you & that wonderfully creative mind of yours! Daniel was totally bowled over by me in your creation!

Thank you a million times for everything… it’s been the best!”

Photography: Peekaboo Photos UK

Real Brides


“I have had such wonderful service (although I hate that word) from you. You have been just perfect from start to finish. You have been so polite and helpful and sweet.

Your work – from the buttonholes, hair clips and embroidered hoops and hankies, to the drawstring pouch, corset and THAT SKIRT!!!!!!! has all been absolutely stunning. I can’t believe I found you.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, attentiveness and wonderful customer and conversational skills.

I can’t wait for the big day! I’m so pleased you can come and celebrate with us!”

Real Brides


“I first saw Rosie Red’s designs at Oxford Fashion Week in 2015 and I completely fell in love with her unique, dreamy style. I then knew that I wanted her to design my wedding gown and corset (incidentally, she also ended up making my husband’s cloak). Ben and I got married in Iceland and the theme for our wedding was fantasy/Game of Thrones; Rosie was utterly brilliant not only at coming on board with our ideas, but also at suggesting and introducing exceptional creative elements (for example, my corset had dragon scales and the gown had our wedding vows embroidered on it). As a petite lady, I always thought I would never be able to wear a full-length gown – well, fear not! Rosie made me feel completely at ease and created a style that was beautiful and bespoke for my body type.”

Real Brides


Hannah couldn’t find anything she wanted on the high street, or online after searching high and low. Ethical fashion and great fit were high on her priority list, as was quality and attention to detail. She opted for an organic cotton underdress with capped lace sleeves and a fitted flute shape skirt. Over this she wore a French couture lace dress coat, with embroidered rose detail belt.

Real Brides is a section all about you! It showcases some of my favourite pictures, of brides who want to be included. When you decide to become a Rosie Red Bride you will be asked whether you would like images from your wedding featured on the website, or if you would prefer for your event to be kept private. It’s important for me to do exactly what makes you happiest.

Real Brides


“I wanted something very unique for my wedding dress. The ceremony, reception & party was to be at home in my garden on the beach. I wanted an ethereal style to match the “Whimsical Wonderland” setting & had some ideas in mind. I had fun looking & trying on in selected boutiques with my daughter & friends, I liked many but did not find the one.

My dream dress was in my head but I had not yet seen it & I knew it would not be off the peg. I saw Rosie’s advert in Rock & Roll Brides & thought “that’s the style!”…I researched her & knew Rosie would be the one to create my dream dress.

We worked on the style, fabrics & colours online. Rosie knew what I wanted & her ” Through Stormy Seas” overskirt worked perfectly with what we came up with. Rosie sourced a very special fabric so quickly at a trades fair & I still hadn’t met her! She made a mock up for me to have my toile fitting & that was all I needed!

There were a number of different fabrics & colours needed & Rosie got busy finding them all & putting the creation together. There was an incredible amount of detail & hand work that went into it.

I went to have my final fitting & collect my dress (which was actually a corset, underskirt & overskirt) & I was overwhelmed on “meeting it!” It was on a mannequin & I fell in love.

Thank you Rosie, you are so patient & talented.”

Real Brides


“Rosie was a dream from the word go! She made me feel totally comfortable, listened to, and made me feel beautiful. Because I’m not a skinny girl, I didn’t want to go to a traditional wedding dress shop, and Rosie totally understood. She made me the most stunning, individual and ‘me’ dress. I felt so comfortable and beautiful on my wedding day. The other amazing thing about my wedding dress is that I can wear it again!

I can’t thank Rosie enough and I really feel I’ve found a friend for life too! All made even better by Gordon the dog being at my fittings!

If you want to get a dress that is made for every inch of you, suits your body type and makes you feel like the most incredible being on earth, speak to Rosie- you won’t regret it!”

Real Brides


“It was such a perfect day and the dress couldn’t have been better! You were so lovely from start to finish. Thank you again so much ♥ If you’re ever in Colorado I’d love to catch up!”

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“Rosie I just want to say a Huge Hugeeee thank you to you! You were an absolute dream to work with from start to finish and completely put me at ease (as I moved away overseas and wasn’t going to see my final piece till a week before my wedding day). Not only is she the sweetest person but also a design wizard! She completely understood my style and created my absolute dream dress which was incredibly special and bespoke to me. I had so many compliments and felt comfortable wearing it all day. You made my day one to remember Rose thank you so much again I loved being a Rosie Red Bride!”

Real Brides


“Rosie was perfect from start to finish.

When I first started planning my wedding I knew my dress needed to be fabulous and we set aside a lot of our budget for my dress, as an off the rail white number was just not going to cut it.

At my first fitting – I was so nervous, I’m not a skinny thing and getting measured for a dress was nerve racking, but Rosie was so professional and made me feel really at ease. She took interest in my ideas and took ideas and reference points from the pictures I had collected of what I liked and what I was aiming for.

When I came for my final fitting – on the hottest day of the year-end I burst into tears as I walked towards my dress. It was everything I had imagined and more. It was perfect. Rosie had taken my jumbled ideas and turned them into the most stunning piece of work I have ever seen – I couldn’t wait for my OH to see it, and keep it secret for the 3 months between trying it on for the final time and my wedding day was so so hard!!

However it was worth it – when Rosie came to dress me on the day her calming presence was appreciated, the skill of being dressed and ensuring everything was perfect, the little last minute adjustments to ensure everything was so right…… Was amazing and needed!!!

I knew the effort was worth it when I did my first look photos and my husband to be had tears in his eyes!!

I felt amazing on my day and like a princess! My dress was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for more. There was so much detail, including my Harry Potter quote and I’m so glad I made the decision to ask Rosie to design and make my dress.

I would absolutely one hundred million percent recommend Rosie to be your dress maker. She was perfect, my dress was perfect and my day was made so much better because of it.

Thank you Rosie for the glory that was my dress!”

Photography: Harvey & Harvey

Real Brides


Georgina (FullerFigure FullerBust) has modelled for me many times, and is one of my plus size muses. Georgina came to me wanting a lace dress coat which could swish on the dance floor, cover up her arms and accommodate for her bust and curves. It’s so important to me that all people of all body types enjoy their dress choosing experience. To match her dress coat and blue colour scheme, George chose a detailed belt.

Real Brides


Daniela had seen my Wild Rose collection online and new that she just had to have an embellished dress coat, but she wondered if there was any chance I could make it in lilac? Of course I could! Daniela was an Italian bride that married her love in Iceland. She ordered and had all of her fittings online; I love my international brides.

“The fabulous dress has arrived and it’s stunning, really. I’m speechless. Thanks for all. My friends are completely astonished! A big big hug, Daniela”

Real Brides


“As soon as I saw Rosie’s Wild Roses collection, I knew I couldn’t have any of the wedding dresses I had seen from the bridal store windows. From our first correspondence, Rosie was so friendly, understanding and helpful. Everything was organised via email; Rosie patiently answered all my questions and kept me updated with photos along the way. My dress arrived well ahead of the wedding day and fitted perfectly! I was so happy with the final product, made just how I wanted and so unique and beautiful, down to every tiny detail. Thank you so much Rosie for creating the dress of my dreams!”

Real Brides


Charlotte couldn’t believe her shape the first time she tried on a Rosie Red corset! She opted for a totally bespoke outfit in soft greys and ivory. She even had her vows and wedding date embroidered into the skirt. Charlotte was a dream to work with, and her style was so perfect for a Rosie Red Bride!

“Thank you for today. I know me and my family can sometimes be a bit full on and you’ve treated us all so well and with such patience. You’re such a talented woman! I cannot wait to show off this piece of art you have made for me to wear. All the extra bits you have made are just so special. I’m so so lucky to have found you!!”

Real Brides


Imo came to me with a picture she had found online of a dress she loved the shape of. We used this as a starting point for her all lace long-sleeved gown. The train of the dress had a little red heart and ribbon sewn on the underside so that Imo could hook it up on her finger and dance the night away.

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