Real Women

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Real Women. This blog post was actually going to be about something entirely different, but then I read something and it inspired me to change direction.

There is a particular phrase I have seen bandied about the internet, in magazines, basically all types of media. It is a phrase that has always really got under my skin. The phrase is disguised as a little saying that makes you at first want to sympathise with it and get all female empowered, until wait. You re-read it and you find that this phrase is  misleading, actually it’s body-shaming. This phrase is ‘real women’.

I have not yet had anything negative (that I know of!) written about me or my work, but since I have had a  boost in viewings due to my recent news, I can now see some slight negativity creeping through. It actually makes me feel like it’s quite a good thing. Not only this, but sometimes, if I feel passionate about it, I like to challenge that negativity.

Last year I won a design award for plus size bridal wear. For those wondering what ‘plus size’ means, it is a category of sizes, that varies between shops, normally UK size 16+, but in high fashion and on the catwalk this is normally UK size 14+. I love all bodies. I love the elegant lines of collar bones, and that bit of extra soft flesh on your hips and freckles down someones back. On my website I have my mantra, that I believe every ‘body’ deserves to feel beautiful. My creations don’t discriminate, and neither do I.

Now let’s go back to the problem of calling women ‘real’. A friend of mine once spoke to me about creating a range of clothing for ‘real’ women (I’m sure she wont mind me sharing this). This was going to be for busty ladies as we both had an issue with getting top-notch occasion wear to fit our knockers. I told her that although it was a great idea, what made us more real than someone petite rocking an awesome athletic body? We had no right to call our bodies ‘real’ over the next lady’s. Suddenly her perceptive was changed.

My latest collection Wild Roses has been cut to sample sizes. This is standard practise because if it generates some interest they are ready to go!

All women are real, except my mannequins, pretty sure they’re fake women… ❤

The first Wild Roses ‘teaser’ image released of the gorgeous MissDeadlyRead, shot by InaGlo Photography. Visit to find all of my social media links, and Follow the Story…❤