#RosieRednotjustadress for #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Today its world mental health day which I feel seems like a pretty perfect day to write this blog post. Mental health care is something I feel passionately about. Not only have I had friends and family suffer with poor mental health, but I’ve listened and read the stories of others.

To start with, let’s just clarify that everyone has mental health, which means everyone needs to take care of their mental health. This needs to be on balance with our physical health, and the two are often very intertwined. I know that when I drink enough water in a day and get a good nights sleep (body health) it has a knock on to my mental health. Whoever you are, and wherever you are, please take care of your mind and your body.

#Rosierednotjustadress is a new hashtag I have started. You may have seen this pop up a few times on Instagram and some of my other social media. I’m even running a competition using it (go and check it out!) I basically wanted to spread the word about why my brides, clients, and models are all so special to me. This is because #Rosierednotjustadress is at the core about ethical fashion. It’s about beauty in any and all of its forms. It’s not judgemental, but rather wants beauty for all.

For World Mental Health day today let’s speak out more, and share our own stories and experiences: you never know who they might help ♥