Saving for best

 In Artist

When I was a little girl my mother had the softest loveliest mohair cardigan in the world. It was milky cream coloured, and cropped into a little bolero with long sleeves and just touching it made you feel decadent. It was hers, and yet she hardly ever wore it. I couldn’t comprehend why someone who owned this magical piece of clothing wouldn’t want to wear it all the time and show off all of its loveliness to the world. But she told me it was for best, and to the back of the cupboard it went.

As I grew up I started to realise that more and more things were ‘just for best’, nice shirts and suits, the pretty table mats and even summer dresses. Although I had grown and so had my ideas of the world, it still made no sense to me that these things should be packaged away. What good were they doing anyone stashed away? I washed the items get moth-holes, be outgrown and the owners simply fall out of love with them. What a waste. I made a pact to myself that nothing would be kept for best.

So why share this story? I think it’s because I have been considering bridal wear a lot lately, bridal wear and fancy lingerie. Don’t get me wrong, I love brides and I always say that ‘I love love’, bridal commissions are among some of my absolute favourites. But why should posh frocks and naughty lingerie be saved just for weddings? Clothing has this amazing power to communicate and to lift and change our moods. I feel it’s something we should be embracing far more.

We have seen a shift in attitudes towards clothing and how we purchase, but I really think the best most spirit lifting thing we can do is just wear our best, more. Have you ever stayed in to watch a movie but worn a cocktail dress or gone to bed with your favourite book dolled up in a negligee and stockings, just for your benefit? It might sound a bit on the eccentric side, but I promise it really is worth a try.

That mohair cardigan is no longer in the back of the wardrobe… ❤