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There’s etiquette to do with ‘liking’ pages and ‘sharing posts’ and I think it’s time we discussed this.

I love my online following. It’s not the hugest nor is it the smallest and it is growing, quite rapidly. I feel a great sense of pride when someone is so taken with something that I have done that they want to share it. I work hard to create frocks and corsets and I want the world to see this. I blog because I hope that some people can connect with my sarcastic humour and little comments on life. I know it’s not the standard protocol of a ‘designer blog’, but I do hope you enjoy reading.

Here are the types of ‘Share’ I want to share with you:

1.       Organic, friendship based and networking

Last week I had a gorgeous blog post written about be, without me knowing, by a favourite model, Jen Brook. I found the things she had written so touching that naturally I shared her post. This was organic. At no point did she tell me to share it, ask me with a cherry on top or at any point use our friendship as a reason to emotionally blackmail my Facebook feed. I believe she wrote these things not to boost her SEO, but because she genuinely meant them. What a babe.

2.       Organic Facebook feed

Maybe you’ve set up a new page, are giving blogging ago and want me and the rest of your friends to have a look. That’s great, share this and it should pop up on my newsfeed, giving me the option to take a look and see if I want to receive notifications from you, or if I am likely to be your customer. If you invite me to a meat-eating obstacle race contest I am unlikely to want to join.

3.       Emotional blackmail share

Maybe we are friends on Facebook, perhaps we haven’t met. But now that you have set up your page you are directly messaging me and telling me to like your page. It puts me in a tricky situation. Please don’t compromise my choices.

4.       Random stranger share

Daily I get Instagram private messages asking me to ‘follow back’ ‘visit their shop’ and ‘share this post’. No. Thanks, but no. Maybe I’m one of those stubborn individuals who retaliate when I’m asked to do something like this, but for the best part I think it’s just the fact that I get bombarded daily with online requests which are irrelevant for me. Also if I wanted to like ‘BUSTY GIRLS XXL’ I would probably have set up a private account for that? Maybe I have…

5.       Cat/Harry Potter memes

You don’t need to ask, I will have already shared these.

To sum this up, imagine we are in actual physical real life. I am sat in my studio and you knock on my front door wanting to tell me about your new venture. If you’re a friend or business associate the chances are I will have coffee and cake waiting for you to chat things over. If you’re an acquaintance turning up out of the blue wanting a shoulder to cry on and for me to help you out with your new project, if I can (and want to) I absolutely will, but I will probably wonder why you want my help now and feel a little emotionally blackmailed if you whack out an X-factor worth sob story.. Don’t be that person. If you are an absolute stranger like the Fish Monger who turned up at the door this morning or from a religious sect I will likely tell you I am very vegetarian, have my own life views, and shut the door.

And, if you are a total stranger wanting to talk to me about Harry Potter and cats: there will always be cake ❤