Some truths about being an extrovert (from personal experience)

 In Artist

The difference between being an extrovert and an introvert is all to do with the way we ‘expel’ and ‘recharge’ our energy levels. For introverts they use all of their energy up in the company of others and they recharge their energy levels when they’re on their own. For extroverts it’s in reverse. If I spend too much time on my own I feel drained, and dare I say it, depressed. It’s all to do with energy. I am an extrovert. Proud of it too.  But I do want to clear up some myths that I feel extroverts have been tainted with. We seem to have got a lot of bad press lately.

1. We are not all like Kanye West

Being an extrovert does not have to have a correlation with cockiness or arrogance. Nor do extroverts all label themselves as ‘the number one creative genius of the world’. We simply aren’t necessarily shy about being openly proud about the thing we are, well, proud of.

2. Its not all ‘me me me’

We may thrive the company of others and be more prone to throw ourselves into the spotlight, but extroverts seem to have this reputation that we are unable to share. I even share my bottle of wine or bag of kettle chips. So that dispels all myths of selfishness.

3. We are always talking and never listening

Wrong again. As an extrovert I love people. I love to help people, and as cliché as it may sound, my ‘people skills’ are what I believe makes me pretty darn good at what I do. And this is because I listen and can empathise easily. I love a good natter like most, and have dabbled in public speaking, but this in no way inhibits my listening qualities. I also still get nervous on first dates. Extroverts can be shy just like other humans too y’know.

4. We are perky. All of the time.

I’m not sorry for having an optimistic outlook on life and for appearing perky and full of life when i’m in a group or crowd. Again this is all to do with the way extroverts charge up their energy. I could be in a room of people I have never met and I will strike up a conversation with someone, and I will always want to try to present the best version of myself. Obviously. But I have my down times to; my questioning, over-thoughtful and worried times, I just tend to do these in private. These normally happen when i’m on my own and I am using up all of that extrovert energy I built up.

5. We need constant company and attention

Need is a strong word. I like a lot of company, for the majority of the time, and the idea of living by myself is absolutely the worst. When I think of myself far into the future I see myself with a huge family of my own with buzz and noise from all corners: bliss. But there are days when I want my quiet time and my space. The time before I go to sleep I read, and sometimes there is nothing better than a day of hand sewing as I plough my way through the Game of Thrones box set. Totally on my own.

In summary, we tend to have a whole heap of stereotypes about extroverts and introverts. The comment I get frequently is that ‘you’re more creative if you’re an introvert’. That claim, like so many others is ridiculous. Our own personalities and environments are what really shape us and as long as were happy doing our own thing, is there really an issue?

Not only do I believe all body types should look and feel beautiful, but how about we start embracing all personality types too?