The Dentist

 In Artist

I have never had a problem with the dentist. I don’t suffer with any fear of injections so the idea of having sharp things put into my gums, doesn’t actually bother me too much. This year was the first year I have had to have any dental work, and I walked into my new dentists to find he was this gorgeous stubbled man with a voice like Ewan Mcgregor. I confidentially told him that it was just a check up, and that there would be no problems here… Possibly the most embarrassing moment this year was when I was actually told that I was so far from being right, further work would be needed. But this really is rambling off the point…


I try, as a general rule to be kind to everyone I meet. Sometimes it is more trying than others, but it is a mantra I try to live by. I also really enjoy talking to strangers. I find it really interesting that each and every person is on their own journey. Everyone has had tragedy, have dreams and hopes and their own back story. Recently I even found out that there is a word for this: ‘sonder’. It’s now a favourite.

I’m pretty sure I got this skill from my mother. For anyone that has met her, she has this encapsulating warmth and is always drawn to new people. You could see it as the ultimate form of networking. Somebody always knows somebody else who is keen to help and get involved. So when mum went to the dentist and bumped into an old friend over 5 years ago they exchanged their current contact details and got speaking about what they were up to with their lives.

I have a super exiting shoot coming up in just over a week, expanding my Wild Roses collection into Plus Size. I’m sure I will get a blog together about this soon, why I feel there’s a need and in particular why I want to cater for it. But in the meantime let’s just say: I really love all bodies.

Stuck without a location, and the weather being untrustworthy and moody in November, we were all racking our brains and then suddenly this contact came to mind. Now we have a fantastic location lined up, and many future projects starting to brew because after meeting the Lady of the House she was so enthused with what I was up to…

It just goes to show that you never know what or who is round the corner, so always show people the best version of yourself ❤