The Mystery Robes: All of your questions answered!

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The Mystery Robes: All of your questions answered!

I am so excited to be offering up this deal to you, instead of a Black Friday sale this year. Purchasing one of my Mystery Robes means you are helping to keep a small business afloat during a very difficult year of a global pandemic! It’s an opportunity to get one of my robes at the cheapest price they will and can ever be. The chnace to get a suprise treat for yourself or someone you love.

How can I buy the robes?

The robes will be able to buy directly from me via Instagram or Facebook DM, or email at They are also on my website shop here.

How much will the robes cost?

The robes are £220 (plus shipping).

I am able to do them at this price because by keeping them a mystery I will be cutting out a lot of admin, and using my exisiting stock of fabrics. I’ve done a video on Facebook and IGTV all about the reasons if you’re interested!

What’s the deposit?

The deposit is £50, and needs to be paid to secure your place. This can be paid via Paypal, or directly through my website.

Do you do payment plans?

Yes! You will need to pay the £50 dpesot to secure your place. You will then need to pay your robe off over the next 6 months. Robes will be shipped when they have been completely paid off.

How long do they take to make?

Currently these will take between 4-10 weeks from the date of ordering and providing measurments.

What sizes do you do?

All of them! This is *so* important to me, and one of the main reasons I make these in house instead of trying to find a factory to produce them. When you order your robe with me I will need to know your waist measurement and your upper arm (at the widest part measurement). I will then suggest the size you should go for. If you are below 5ft6 and would like your robe made shorter, just let me know.

Which fabrics will you be doing?

Anything left in my stock! This includes my polka dot fabrics and my embroidered fabrics.

Do I ship internationally?


Please expect that there may be some delays with international posting due to covid. The postage price is not included in the robe cost, so please let me know your address for a postage estimate.

Do you adjust for height?

Yes! The robes are designed to swoop and swish in the most luxurious way, but I recommend that if you are below 5ft 6 you let me know and we can discuss shortening the length. There is no additional cost for adjusting the length of the robes.

What’s the sash like?

The sash is the same as with my previous robes. This is a separate piece, made from the same fabric as the robe. It is cut and stitched on the diagonal at either end.

Is it versatile?

In my personal opinion, I think the answer is a big yes! I have worn my robe over a plain dress for a black tie event, by the pool on holiday, and as lingerie. For photographers, purchasing one of my robes could be brilliant to have as part of your wardrobe for boudoir photo shoots.

How much does this cost in dollars?

Honestly, I don’t know! The only way I can find out a currency other than £GBP is by a cheeky Google. The exchange rates change all the time, so just be aware that the price will always be in GBP at the time you pay.

Can I get my robe in time for Christmas?

The honest answer to this is maybe. If you provide measurements and full payment promptly, then there is a chnace that I can get your robe to you by Christmas. However,  I have zero control of how reliable the postal system is at the moment. Please keep this is mind when ordering.

I think this is a terrible idea! I want to pick the fabric I want!

If this deal isn’t for you, then please don’t worry. If you would like to choose your specific fabric, all of my other robe designs are still listed in my online shop at full price, and I offer a bespoke service too. This Mstery Robes are an idea to help get me and my freelancers through winter as bridal orders (thanks Covid) have massively dwindled.