The things I collect

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This isn’t going to be about my vintage brooch collection (which I do have) or my stamp collection (which I don’t have. Or do I…) its going to be about people.

I have seen so many ‘inspirational’ posts and memes about ‘collect experiences not things’ etc. And that is great. In fact that is honestly where I am coming from a lot of the time. That is part of the reason I went into business alone. I have had some ridiculously exciting experiences, which money just couldn’t buy, the whole dream following thing is really important to me. I also want to travel, it’s on my list. So from a personal point of view my want to go to Iceland, road trip America and visit Hobbiton does outweigh my want for shoes, handbags and manicures.

But, if you want ‘things’ this does not make you a bad person. My mum is one of the (if not the greatest) human going and she doesn’t particularly want to travel. After a childhood of having very little, she now wants to have nice things around her. That is fine too. One person’s choice is not superior or greater than the other, and we have no place to judge. However I think we have all forgotten a whole other category: people.

I collect people. I want to look back on my life (hopefully as an old lady) and look at all the people that enriched my life, and whose lives I tried to enrich. I adore meeting new people, and making friends. Maybe at the moment the purse strings won’t allow that road trip around America, but I do have friends all over which I travel between. There’s my wisest cocktail-making, arcade-game playing southern coastal friend. When I need to escape and have my internal compass realigned and some down to earth life advice, I head there. There are all of my wonderful girls I studied with at university, and despite graduating a few years ago now, we all make a constant effort to keep in touch and visit one another. Our friendship is so valuable to each other. I have just got back from the loveliest short break with George of FullerFigure FullerBust who although started out as a model for me, is now one of my dearest friends. She is the big sister I never had, and always gives me perspective. She makes me laugh constantly. I have best friends at home too, and a brilliant escape up north with family that really do have an interest in what I am doing.

This is not meant to be a boastful post, but just one to make you think. Yes collect things, but make sure you have someone to share them with, and yes collect experiences, but you don’t have to be alone in enjoying them.

Best of all collect people, be a friend. Be the kindest most authentic version of you and you will be irresistible, just as you are ♥

I got some rat time in with George's kids! I got some rat time in with George’s kids!