To be a model

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Firstly let me say that I am not a model. I am a designer. But, as a designer models make up a large section of the people I work with on a regular basis.

This post has been entirely inspired by George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, as she recently posted a little explanation of how she is not a model. She has modelled, and I hope she models for me again very soon, but she is not actually a model.

Let’s get some of the initial niceties out of the way. I like to think I am a good human, I make an effort to be kind and considerate and it is important to me that every person I work with from makeup artists to photographers have a smashing personality. It makes the day far more fun, and delivers better results.  But, and this is a big but, as a model you are being chosen or hired based on your looks. It is shallow, but it is what it is. You are being chosen because I think you will suit my brand. I’ve seen your headshots, you have a portfolio and a following, and I know that when you are in front of that camera you will deliver. Here are a few basic facts I have brought together:

1. Being pretty isn’t enough to be a model. Modeling is about having a presence in front of a camera and having the stamina and ability to keep delivering shot after shot. It is relentless.

2. As designers the photo shoot is often everything to us, these images are a culmination of hours and hours and even more hours spent labouring away often at all unsociable times of day and night. They are also a culmination of pounds and pounds and pounds of money spent an investment that we gamble will pay off. Organising a photo shoot may seem straightforward, but it isn’t an easy task by any means. If a model turns up on the day and doesn’t deliver, that’s the day lost. It’s a waste all round.

3. Fashion isn’t all that glamorous. Modelling certainly isn’t. As a model there is a lot of pretending you’re warm and happy when in reality you are barefoot outside in November. And just like the way I don’t complain about stitching into the nights, I also don’t expect a model to moan. I always make sure my models are well fed and wrapped with blankets in between shots, but its still a long, long day. This is where the stamina bit helps.

I love being contacted, and I love all of the ongoing support I get from all of my followers. When I get emails and messages through it honestly makes me so happy. But for those of you offering to model for me, I please ask that you attach your location, measurements, recent headshots and a link to your online portfolio. We could be absolutely perfect for each other, but I need to know these details first.

I also love being able to hire my garments out to models, photographers and individuals for shoots and if this is something that interests you then please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Please don’t be downhearted, I am a firm believer that if you have a dream you can chase it to make it happen. Modelling isn’t an easy way out, it is a skill ❤

Model: Georgina Horne, Fuller Figure Fuller Bust Photographer: InaGlo Photography MUA: Make up by Amna Location: Nether Winchendon House Model: Georgina Horne, Fuller Figure Fuller Bust Photographer: InaGlo Photography MUA: Make up by Amna Location: Nether Winchendon House