Valentine’s Day

 In Artist

This year marked my first Valentine’s Day with my other half. I had anticipated arranging some sort of ultra romantic evening. Thoughtful, yet private. Basically just really special.

I actually had tonsillitis instead.  My face and neck were swollen so fat that talking was difficult, eating solids near impossible, and at night I sounded like a tractor with snoring. I slept on the sofa so he could catch some Zzzs.

I did however get my own tin of a dozen cupcakes iced with ‘I love you’.  So, it wasn’t all grim.

The thing about Valentine’s Day I wanted to talk about, and romance in general is the idea that you have to love yourself before any else can love you. It’s a topic I’ve touched on before. It is also something I believe it to be total rubbish.

Maybe you feel like you have your life together, you don’t have any self doubt that creeps in, or maybe you’re a total mess that feels like a hopeless, drained pile of emotions. Either way, you deserve love.

Sometimes being appreciated, and loved, by another person is what we need to start to build us back up. Maybe it’s someone having the confidence in us as a person when we don’t have any confidence in ourselves.

Love isn’t only for the ready, the lucky, or the brave. If I can say one thing to you today it is this: you are deserving. Just the way you are. Right this second.

P.S. I somehow did manage to eat at least 2 cupcakes despite the sore throat… I call it willpower