The wedding of Abi & Mike

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I don’t often blog about specific brides; in fact I don’t think I ever have! But I wanted to about Abigail.

As a service I offer to come and dress my brides on the morning of their big day. It is something I really truly love about my job. I do adore my brides.

Every single bride has their own story. As a bespoke service I listen, and genuinely care about every detail. Whether you have hang-ups about your body, don’t feel you fit into a ‘standard bridal’ box, or just want to talk to someone that actually cares: that’s where I come in.

Abi opted to go for my signature look: overbust corset with multi-layered tulle skirt and embellishments. I also created a drawstring bag for her (to carry her inhaler), embroidered handkerchiefs and button holes for the groomsmen, a rose corsage for her wrist, and embroidered hoops as gifts for the bridal party. It really was a feast for the eyes.

When the day came it was one of the best weddings I had ever been to! So full of love! Very kindly she and her husband Mike had invited my partner and I to attend, and we danced the night away on what was my first visit to Cornwall.  I even have their wedding playlist CD in my car!

On the days when I find running my own brand overwhelming (and they do happen!) it is weddings like Abi’s that remind me I am doing something worthwhile. The photos from the day (by ) make my heart happy, and give me that little nudge when I need it…


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