You’re beautiful (just an opinion)

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You’re beautiful.

Hearing someone tell you that you’re beautiful can be something pretty difficult to hear. Maybe it’s difficult because you’re having a period of self doubt, or maybe no one has told you before. There are a zillion reasons as to why we may have had our confidence shattered.

The thing is, however ‘conventionally’ beautiful or not you think you are, when someone tells you this, don’t argue. They deserve to have their opinion listened to. If their opinion is that you are beautiful, then that’s that.

Imagine eating a slice of a really good cream cake. You remark to the baker how delicious it is. They have no right to disagree with you; you’re the one eating the cake. You get to have your opinion.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

So whether it is a friend, family member, partner, or lover, just listen to them. ♥


P.S. As a big disclaimer:

I am not talking about trolls and perves on the internet. They have no right to comment on your beauty, and they definitely don’t deserve to have their opinions listened to.