If you’re not thin, you’re not healthy

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Happy New Year lovely readers! I apologise for the dramatic blog title, I just like to reel you in!

First may I say that I am always genuinely shocked to find that people actually read my ramblings on here, so thank you! I hope to keep you on board for 2016. And hey, if there’s a topic you fancy hearing my opinion on, why not leave a comment and I will see what I can do!

This blog post is all about health, a touchy subject for some. My inspiration came from listening to a friend speak about her experiences in the gym. She works as a gym instructor so gets to hear all kinds of chat. There is one guy in particular was chatting to her the other day about what his ‘type’ of woman was. A main point was that he said she has to ‘y’know look like she takes care of her body’. This translates to, she has to be thin. She knew this would throw me into a rage, and it did. This guy was saying that if you’re not thin, then you’re not healthy.

Let’s get this started by saying that thin does not equal healthy. Let me also put it out there that I know that being obese is also not the healthiest option for your body either, it’s more strain than we were built to have. BUT, YOU CANNOT TELL HOW HEALTHY SOMEONE IS BY LOOKING AT THEM.

Mental health is a big issue to me; I hold it really close to my heart. We should be actively working on our mental health in the same way that we should be actively working on our physical health. Being healthy means trying to get 7-8 hours sleep a night. It means ordering a dominoes pizza when you’re hungover and not feeling like the world is going to end because heaven forbid you ate fast food, and goodness gracious did you really drink all that gin?! Healthy means that you practise meditation alongside power walks. It means that you feel as though your body right now, deserves to wear nice things and to be attractive (whatever this means to you). Drink more water, get off the bus a stop earlier, accept a compliment, and sing in the shower. These are things that go towards your general health. Health is an overall picture of how we live, and this is why we cannot just judge it by appearances.

This year let’s not confuse being healthy with a number on the scales, this makes up such a small portion of what being healthy means. If you’re setting a new years resolution to drop a dress size, maybe change that to trying to grab a healthy breakfast before work, drink 8 glasses of water a day and accept a compliment when someone pays you one.

Oh, and one more resolution, let’s not date boys (or girls) who think healthy is only skin deep. ❤